1980 Porsche 935 K3/4 Kremer RacingID: 62324c1ad856465c1a16a7e2

Hersteller Porsche
Modell 935 K3/4
Baujahr 1980
(gewerblicher Anbieter)
Ansprechpartner Markus Schenkl
Standort D-53520 Müllenbach
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Kremer 935 K3

The vehicle has been completely restored in the last 2 years and is in perfect operational condition. Ready to Race!

The restoration was carried out by Britec Motorsport. The engine was rebuilt by RS-Tuning/Reinhold Schmirler.

Between 1980 and 1982, the US millionaire Ted Field bought three new Kremer-Porsche 935 K3s and a Porsche 935 Kremer K4 into his portfolio. He also owned two more Porsche 935s from factory customer racing and a Porsche 935 Kremer kit K3, the chassis 930 890 0021. His regular partner Danny Ongais, a Hawaiian, and he himself compete under Interscope Racing in the house colors black and red. One of these cars was 000 00010..

000 00010 TedField, Interscope IMSA Racing Porsche 935 Kremer K3

000 00010 entered service as new during the 1980 IMSA season on April 13 of that year at Road Atlanta, USA. Between 1980 and 1982 Field and his partner Danny Ongais contested the IMSA series with the car. However, it often only served as a replacement car for the other 935/80 of the Interscope team (000 00017 and 00027)

When Field first bought a Kremer K4 for 1982 and then finally a Lola T600, 000 00010 was sold to George Dyer and his Drax Racing team at the end of 1982.

At the IMSA race in Brainerd in 1983, George Dyer put the US racing driver Kathy Rude in the Interscope-K3, which was meanwhile painted red/silver. In a racing accident that Kathy Rude survives with serious injuries at the Brainerd 500 Kilometers on July 10, 1983 on the Brainerd International Raceway (USA), 000 00010 is strong damaged and not rebuilt on the original body, which still exists as a lump of scrap. The components that can still be used, including the chassis number, flow into a space frame chassis and are used again in 1984 and 1985 by Paul Goral in the IMSA.

At the end of 1987, the era of the Porsche 935 was finally over in the United States as well. The vehicle will be sold to Europe in this condition and with the original VIN transferred to the space frame. Munich wolf Gregor acquires the newly built racing car 
And drives it in the Special Touring Car Trophy in Germany. 
The history of the 000 00010 in the Special Touring Car Trophy ended in 1989.

In 1991 the vehicle was sold at an auction at the Nürburgring to the winery owner Wolfgang Kruse. He then sold the car 10 years later to the doctor Dr. Armin Zumtobel, a well-known driver in historic motorsport, who has also started on the Nordschleife together with Walter Röhl. 
In 2009 Kremer Racing confirmed the authenticity of the vehicle's history and an FIA HTP was issued. This was also renewed in 2018 and is therefore up to date.

Dr Zumtobel used the vehicle successfully for many years in historic motorsport. In 2018, Armin Zumptobel sold the vehicle to Markus Schenkl who had an engine problem. The company RS Tuning is commissioned to rebuild the engine. The vehicle is acquired by ChromeCars shortly thereafter and the decision is made to have the car fully restored by Britec-Motorsport, returning it to its original Interscope design. Once completed, the car was tested by three-time Le Mans winner Marco Werner and entered by Peter Auto in CER2.

A detailed expose with the entire history of the vehicle was created by the expert Carsten Krome / Netzwerk 1 and can be sent to serious interested parties.

Engine: 930/80Transmission:930/60Manufactured: 1980Color: BlackFirst Owner:TedField,InterscopeIMSA Racing(USA, 1980-1982) Second Owner:DraxRacing,GeorgeDyer(USA)/Greg Pusey(USA)/Kathy Rude (USA)

Race History:

100 miles from Road Atlanta (USA) International Motor Sport Association(IMSA) 
Car number: 00 
Ted Field (USA) 
14th place

100 miles of Laguna Seca (USA) International Motor Sport Association(IMSA) 
Car number: 00 
Danny Ongais (USA) 
23rd place

24 hours from Daytona (USA)International Motor Sport Association(IMSA) 
Car number: 0 
TedField(USA) / Danny Ongais(USA) / BillWhittington(USA) 
62nd place

Los Angeles Times/Datsun Grand Prix of Endurance (USA) Riverside 6 Hours (USA)InternationalMotor Sport Association(IMSA) 
Car number: 50 
George Dyer (USA)/Greg Pusey (USA) 
Result: 44th -did not finish Grid: 14th (1:44,400)

Brainerd 500 Kilometers (USA)Brainerd InternationalRaceway (USA) InternationalMotor Sport Association(IMSA) 
Car number: 50 
Greg Pusey (USA)/Kathy Rude (USA) 
Result: 18th -did not finish (accident) Grid: 8th

With the Kremer/Interscope chassis #000 00010, the following IMSA entries/operations are recorded in 1984/85 under Paul Goral: 
24 Hours of Daytona Driver: Paul Goral - failed to show up -

12 Hours of Sebring 
Drivers: Paul Goral/John Hayes-Harlow(GB) 
79th place

11/25/1984: 3 Hours of Daytona, IMSA final race 1984 
Drivers: Paul Goral/Marty Hinze 
42nd place

3/23/1985: Coca-Cola Classic 12 Hours of Sebring 
Drivers: Paul Goral (USA)/Rick Wilson (USA) 
17th place