1975 Porsche 911Carrera RS
Hersteller Porsche
Modell 911 Carrera RS
Baujahr 1975
Ansprechpartner Mike van Thiel

“Coke is it!”
1975 Porsche 911Carrera RS
3L Twin spark MFI
Built to FIA Homologation 3053
FIA HTP Until 2029
New Engine 287 HP 278 Nm

The 911 Carrera RS is arguably the purest and roughest 911 of all time. It’s life started as the brainchild of Ferdinand Piech and was a pre-emptive strike to prevent being beaten on the track by competition from lighter and more powerful cars like De Tomaso Pantera.

Period FIA homologation 3053 starts in 1972 and was extended over the years with many upgrades like larger brakes, Twin spark ignition, improved suspension and many more additions all included on this car.

The car on sale was built from a bare and clean 1974 SC legally strengthened shell and prepared by Tazman Motorsport of The Netherlands with a money no object attitude for historic racing in The Netherlands and beyond.

Some highlights
-1’ 57” lap time at the new Zandvoort track!
-Extremely light 880 kgs
-New Engine, Dyno time only. 287 Hp, 278 Nm
-Very flat torque curve
-GRP Engine lid, Boot lid, Bumpers
-Bosch Twin spark ignition
-Bosch mechanical injection 
-Valid safety equipment