Porsche 911 GT3 Cup MR (991.2)
Hersteller Porsche
Modell GT3 Cup MR (991.2)
Baujahr Neufahrzeug
Manthey-Racing GmbH
(gewerblicher Anbieter)
Ansprechpartner Michael Grassl
Website www.manthey-racing.de
Standort 53520 Meuspath

The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup MR (991.2) is based on a new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup MY2020 where Manthey-Racing added several parts in order to increase performance but also create a perfect package for endurance racing for professional pilots as well as gentlemen drivers. Options like ABS system, adjustable suspension and aerodynamic parts are combined to a package which is fast and easy to drive at the same time. 

This package is homologated for: NLS/VLN Endurance Series, Porsche Sports Cup Germany and Creventic 24h series etc. but also designed for trackday use.

  • Based on original factory Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (991.2, MY2020)
  • ENGINE: 4.0l boxer engine 
  • TRANSMISSION: 6 Speed sequentiell gearbox with paddle shift system 
  • CHASSIS: Steel roll cage to FIA safety standards, 100l FT3 fuel cell, Air jack system (4-post) 
  • SUSPENSION: MR 3-way adjustable race suspension, MR suspension links and steering rods rear axle 
  • BRAKES: Front + Rear: 380mm system with monoblock racing calipers and MR disc rotors and pads, Manually adjustable front/rear brake bias, 12-way adjustable MR ABS system based on Bosch M5 (homologated for NLS, Creventic and Porsche Sports Cup Germany)
  • WHEELS AND TYRES: MR forged aluminum, Front 12x18 + Rear 13x18, Michelin Slick, Cup MR --> Front 30/65-18 + Rear 31/71-18, Cup MR PRO / SP PRO --> Front 30/68-18 + Rear 31/71-18
  • COCKPIT: Standard 911 GT3 Cup
  • AERODYNAMICS: MR front end cover incl. center cooler inlet, MR front splitter, MR center intercooler, MR front hood, MR fenders incl. louvres, MR xenon headlights incl. covers, MR side wall extensions, MR engine lid, MR rear wing, MR underbody floor

  • Link to flyer: https://www.manthey-racing.de/MR_Flyer_Porsche_911_GT3_Cup_MR_2020.pdf
  • Link to R-Quipment catalogue with further options: https://www.manthey-racing.de/R-Quipment.pdf